Children's group Big Dragons

A creative and active environment for children from the age of 3, where children feel inspired and naturally work on their development in all personality and skill areas, with the help of our teachers.

What you are interested in

  • The children already have a regular routine, with the exception of a few new arrivals, this provides more opportunities to engage in activities that enrich the children and contribute to their development.
  • The kindergarten program focuses on careful and effective preparation for school and life.
  • The environment is bilingual - there is a Czech and English speaking teacher in the group. The children naturally perceive and actively use both languages.
  • Due to their greater physical fitness, children can take part in trips and longer walks around the area.
  • Children learn to cooperate in groups, where they get to know the needs and interests of others.

Daily schedule

  • 7:30 - 9:00 arrival of children, free activities
  • 9:00 morning circle
  • 9:30 snack
  • 9:45 Preschool preparation in groups - Creative activity / Worksheets / Free play
  • 10:45 hygiene, dressing up
  • 11:00 outside activities
  • 12:15 lunch
  • 12:30 nap time, bedtime / picking up children with morning attendance
  • 15:00 browsing books, free activities
  • 15:00 afternoon activities in the garden
  • 18:00 free entertainment, picking up children with all-day attendance

*The times given are approximate only. Each day we adapt the regime to the individual needs of the child.

Attendance and price list

You can sign your children up for 1 - 5 days a week for a morning or a full day.

The price list is adapted to your needs, more information here.

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