Creative and active environment for children from 3 years, where children feel inspired and naturally work on their development in both personal and skill areas, with the help of kind guides - our teachers.

Our program is focused on detailed and effective preparation for both elementary school and life.

We work in small groups, and we develop children in all skill aspects.

The environment is bilingual - the group includes a Czech and English native speaker teacher. Children naturally perceive and actively use both languages.

Daily routine

7:30 - 9:00 kids arrival, free play

9:00 morning circle

9:30 snack

9:45 Preschool preparation in small groups - Crafts / Worksheets / Free play

10:45 hygiene

11:00 outside - walk, forrest/playground or garden

12:15 lunch

12:30 calm time - sleeping or resting / picking up kids with morning attendance

>15:00 calm time, book reading, free play

15:00 afternoon activity / garden

>18:00 free play, picking up kids with full day attendance

*above mentioned schedule is informative only. We adapt the schedule according to a children needs every day.

Speech therapy prevention

We provide speech therapy prevention to each child as part of the price. The activity focuses on the development of communication skills, and the prevention of speech disorders. We focus on supporting the natural development of communication skills and abilities in children, increasing the child's speech activity, independence in expressing their own ideas.

  • breathing exercises
  • vocabulary development
  • practicing the correct position of the speakers
  • training the memory and attention
  • practicing phonemic hearing
  • development of fine and gross motor skills
  • graphomotor exercises
  • development of visual and auditory perception
  • training the attention and concentration
  • syllable and letter recognition
  • exercising facial muscles

Speech therapy prevention is provided in the Czech language. Each child completes it at least once a month, in a group of a maximum of 3 children.

What about parents?

We perceive parents as active partners with whom we participate in the upbringing and education of their child / children. We communicate with them regularly and provide feedback.

  • Individual approach - attendance, dietary restrictions etc.
  • Every day report about our day
  • Regular information about educational programe and it's parts.
  • Individual consultation with a teacher about child's development
  • Tips on how to educate at home (for example we share with parents rhymes, which we are currently learning :) )
  • Activities for families


The capacity of nursery classroom is 15 children, who are being taken care of by 2 qualified teachers or nurses.

Attendance and price list

You can register your children with us for 1-5 days a week, half day or full day.

We compile a price list tailored to your needs, more information here.